Airport shuttle


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The Shuttle bus service is available at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport aswell, with the name AirportShuttle-Minibusz. The service provides a door-to-door  airport transfer with a boarding capacity of 8 to 10, and 30 to 50 passengers. The Airportshuttle Desks are to be found at every terminal (Terminal 1, Terminal 2A and 2B), and welcome the arriving guests to Hungary at the „Gates of the Country”. All Minibuses arrive to and depart from the Terminals’ Main Entrance.

The AirportShuttle-Minibusz fleet operates 24 hours a day, meaning we can provide a reliable, precise and comfortable airport door-to-door transfer to every flight and anybody from Budapest or the neighbouring countries, be it a flight leaving or arriving to the country. The  Minibusz fleet drivers, Call Center operatives and the dispatchers coordinating the Minibuses speak a wide range of foreign languages, providing the best possible passenger service and administration available.

The Minibuses operate as a shared-ride door-to-door transfer service, meaing passengers travelling to the same / closely situated address are escorted in one minibus. The travelling time is optimized and at the same time supervised by our fleet monitoring system, enabling us to pin-point the actual positions of our minibuses in real-time.

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