General terms and conditions

Fulfilling the online registration the participants accept the services advertised and terms and conditions of participation and cancellation written on the website of the conference. Régió10 Ltd. reserves the rights of modifying the services. The participants will be informed about the modified service via Internet or email.

By fulfilling the on-line registration and with its confirmation Parties regard the contract as written contract, that commences with fulfilling the on-line registration and lasts up to the closing day of the conference respectively the last moment of rendering the service to the participant.By fulfilling the on-line registration the participant become the client of Régió10 Ltd. and give his consent, that Régió10 Ltd. Ltd. handles his data provided from his own will according to the Hungarian regulations in effect.

Any objection, claim against the service of Régió10 Ltd. has to be reported on spot, but latest within two days from the closing day of the conference. Régió10 Ltd. undertakes the compensation only up to the damage value but maximum up to the registration fee and only based on the legal, testified and proved claim of the participant.

The Service of the Régió10 Ltd. may include intermediary service. The registration fee / accompanying person's registration fee includes entertainment allowances, such as catering services, dinner etc. In the final invoice the amount of these services will be indicated as intermediary service. Hotel accommodation orders (if any) are also subject of intermediary service.

Company information:

Régió-10 Ltd.
Address: H-6720 Szeged, Dugonics square 12.
Opening hours: weekdays 8:00-16:00
Phone/Fax: +36-62-710-500
Mobile: +36-20-469-6190
Bank account number:
EUR: HU80 10300002-10619647-48820019
HUF: HU54 10300002-10619647-49020016 
Tax number: 13716169-2-06
Company registration number: 06-09-016797